Local Sourcing at its Finest: A Taste of Crepe Girardeau’s Sweet and Savory Crepes

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Crepe Girardeau

Hey there, fellow foodies!

We just released a brand new video on our Heartland Eats and Treats channel, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you. In this episode, we take you on a delicious journey into the world of Crepe Girardeau, a food truck that serves mouthwatering sweet and savory crepes. You won't want to miss it!

Here are 5 things you'll learn from this episode:

1. The Power of Sourcing Local: Crepe Girardeau prides itself on supporting local farmers and producers by using locally sourced ingredients. Discover how they bring the flavors of the Heartland straight to your plate.

2. A Crepe for Every Palate: From classic French-style crepes to creative combinations inspired by the gals who work with the owner, Crepe Girardeau offers a wide range of sweet and savory fillings to suit every taste bud.

3. The Secret Ingredients: Dive into the delicious details as we uncover the key ingredients that make the signature Charlie crepe an absolute delight. Fresh strawberries, cream cheese, and local floral touches create a truly unique and flavorful experience.

4. All-Natural Confetti: Learn about the whimsical touch that Crepe Girardeau adds to their creations – edible flower petals! Discover how these delicate petals not only make the crepes look stunning but also add a subtle floral note to enhance the overall experience.

5. Community Connection: Get to know the story behind the name as we explore how Crepe Girardeau has become an important part of the local community. Find out how this business has found its home in the Heartland and continues to grow and thrive.

Tasty Crepes: "Truly couldn't accomplish this dream, without the gals who went to one side of me and helped me."— Isabelle Schott

Now, for a fun fact from the episode! Did you know that the name "Crepe Girardeau" emerged from a casual kitchen conversation between the owner and her husband? It's always amazing how great ideas can come from everyday moments.

So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let us take you on a virtual food adventure to Crepe Girardeau. Watch the full video here: [insert video link]

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Bon appétit!

The Heartland Eats and Treats Team

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Crepe Girardeau: A Taste of Local Delights in the Heartland

In the quaint town of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, there's a food truck named Crepe Girardeau that is making waves in the local culinary scene. Owned and operated by Isabelle Schott, Crepe Girardeau is a haven for those seeking delectable sweet and savory crepes made with locally sourced ingredients. With a commitment to supporting local farmers and a unique twist on traditional French cuisine, this food truck has become a beloved brunch spot for both locals and tourists alike. In this blog post, we will explore the story behind Crepe Girardeau and delve into the mouthwatering delights they offer.

"Establishing Local Roots: 'It's pretty crazy to have a business named after the town and, to put down local roots and to really feel a part of the community.'"— Isabelle Schott

Sourcing Local

Crepe Girardeau prides itself on its dedication to sourcing ingredients as locally as possible. Isabelle and her husband believe in supporting their community's farmers and local businesses. From fresh strawberries from Benton to organic eggs and crepe batter sourced from Benton, and pecans from Nevada, Missouri, every bite of their crepes tells a story of the region's rich agricultural heritage. By focusing on locally produced ingredients, Crepe Girardeau not only ensures the freshest flavors but also contributes to the sustainable growth of the community.

The Art of the Crepe

Crepes, with their origins in France, have become an international culinary delight. Isabelle describes them as "really thin pancakes" that can be filled with both sweet and savory ingredients. At Crepe Girardeau, one can experience the true essence of these delightful creations. From classics like Nutella and banana to innovative combinations like the "Charlie" named after one of the crew members, each crepe is a work of art. The Charlie, for example, tantalizes taste buds with a strawberry-raspberry combo, cream cheese, homemade lemon curd, and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. The addition of local floral garnishes adds a touch of whimsy and artistry to every plate.

Women Power

An inspiring aspect of Crepe Girardeau is that it is women-owned and women-operated. Isabelle acknowledges the support and dedication of the incredible women who work alongside her. Their teamwork and passion ensure that Crepe Girardeau continues to deliver exceptional culinary experiences day in and day out. In a world where women entrepreneurs are breaking barriers, Crepe Girardeau stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and dreams.

A Hint of Cape Girardeau

While Isabelle and her husband may not be natives of Cape Girardeau, they have undoubtedly embraced it as their home and business establishment. The name "Crepe Girardeau" is an homage to the town that has welcomed them with open arms. By putting down roots and becoming actively involved in the community, they have created a place that not only serves delicious food but also fosters a sense of belonging for both locals and visitors. The bright and cheery blue of the food truck resonates with the town's spirit and can often be seen rolling down the road, spreading delight and anticipation among their dedicated patrons.

The Crepe Girardeau Experience

Crepe Girardeau is more than just a food truck; it represents a culinary experience that engages all the senses. The tantalizing aromas of the freshly prepared crepes, the vibrant colors of the local floral garnishes, and the joyous atmosphere created by the friendly staff all come together to create an unforgettable dining adventure. Whether you're a crepe connoisseur or a first-timer, the warm and welcoming ambiance at Crepe Girardeau ensures that every customer feels like a cherished guest.

A Crepe for me, a Crepe for you

Crepe Girardeau, a food truck brimming with local charm and culinary brilliance, has become a culinary gem in the heartland of Missouri. Isabelle Schott's commitment to sourcing local ingredients and her passion for creating unique crepe combinations have resulted in a mouthwatering menu that pays homage to both French cuisine and the Cape Girardeau community. With every bite, patrons can taste the love and care put into each crepe, making Crepe Girardeau a must-visit destination for both food enthusiasts and those seeking an authentic taste of the Heartland. So, the next time you spot the cheery blue food truck rolling down the road, make sure to stop by and savor the flavors that Crepe Girardeau has to offer. Your taste buds will thank you for it. Bon appétit!



Video Timestamp

Primary Topic: Introduction to Crepe Girardeau and its focus on sourcing local ingredients
- Isabelle Schott owns Crepe Girardeau, a food truck that serves sweet and savory crepes
- The focus of the food truck is to source ingredients locally whenever possible
- Examples of local ingredients used in the menu
- Strawberries from Benton
- Eggs and crepe batter from Benton
- Pecans from Nevada, Missouri

Primary Topic: Explanation of what crepes are and their origin
- Crepes are thin pancakes with sweet and savory fillings
- They originated in France
- Reference to the movie "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby"

Primary Topic: Description of a crepe on the menu called the Charlie
- Named after one of the staff members
- Ingredients of the Charlie crepe
- Strawberry and raspberry combo made with Local Strawberries from Banks Family Farm
- Cream cheese
- Homemade fresh lemon curd
- Powdered sugar
- Local florals from Nourished Farms as garnish

Primary Topic: Women-owned and operated business
- Crepe Girardeau is owned and operated by women
- Acknowledgment of the importance of the female team members in achieving the dream of the food truck

Primary Topic: Unique aspects of Crepe Girardeau
- Quirky and punny name
- Bright cheery blue color of the food truck
- The food truck becomes recognizable by its color while rolling down the road
- Isabelle Schott is not originally from Cape Girardeau but has established roots in the community

Note: The given transcript does not cover topics like customer reviews, cooking process, pricing, or availability of the food truck.

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