Wats Knots Pretzels: Bringing Back the Joy of Pretzels, One Bite at a Time

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Wats Knot's Pretzels

We have a brand new video for you on Heartland Eats and Treats, and this time, we are diving into the delicious world of Wats Knot's Pretzels!

Trust us, you don't want to miss out on this mouthwatering episode.

In this video, Joy and Scott Watson, the owners of Wats Knot's Pretzels, take us on a pretzel journey like no other. From the incredibly fresh dough to the delightful pretzel bites, we uncover the five keys to their pretzel-making success.

Here are the 5 keys you'll learn about in the video:

1️⃣ The secret behind their homemade dough that keeps us coming back for more.
2️⃣ How they make their pretzels from scratch, with love and passion.
3️⃣ The unique toppings and flavors that take their pretzels to a whole new level of deliciousness.
4️⃣ The baking process that ensures a perfect golden brown pretzel every single time.
5️⃣ The dairy-free options that make these pretzels accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Fun Fact: Did you know that What's Not's Pretzels started as a result of Joy and Scott's previous experience owning a pretzel store in the mall? It's amazing how their passion and love for pretzels led them to create their own unique recipe and share it with their local community!

So sit back, relax, and get ready to join us on this pretzel-filled adventure. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

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Stay tuned for our next mouthwatering episode of Heartland Eats and Treats!

Until then, keep snacking and spreading the love for great eats!

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Wats Knots: A Delectable Pretzel Journey

In a world filled with quick bites and fast food, finding a truly delicious, handcrafted snack can be a rare gem. Enter Wats Knots, a pretzel powerhouse determined to bring back the art of authentic pretzel-making. With an array of tantalizing treats and a passion for perfection, Joy and Scott Watson have embarked on a culinary adventure that has captured the hearts and taste buds of many. Join us as we delve into the story behind Wats Knots and discover the mouthwatering delights they offer.

A Whirlwind of Flavor and Homemade Goodness

Joy and Scott Watson, the culinary masterminds behind Wats Knots Pretzels, have made it their mission to offer an incredible selection of pretzels and pretzel bites that will leave you craving for more. From the classic pretzel dog to the delectable cinnamon twists, their menu caters to every taste bud. What sets Wats Knots apart is their commitment to quality. Freshness is the key, and their dough is made from scratch every day. Each pretzel, pretzel bite, and twist is lovingly crafted using their own tried and tested recipe. This dedication to perfection shines through in every bite. Unlike many other pretzel offerings, Wats Knots' creations are baked, not fried, leading to a lighter yet equally satisfying experience.

Toppings and Flavors That Delight

While the pretzels themselves are undeniably delicious, the real magic lies in the extensive range of toppings and flavors that accompany them. Whether you are a purist who enjoys a simple salted pretzel or an adventurous eater who craves unique flavor combinations, Wats Knots has something for everyone. One of their biggest crowd-pleasers is the pretzel bites. These bite-sized morsels are a playful twist on the classic pretzel, perfect for snacking or sharing. Customers rave about the variety of mouthwatering dipping sauces that pair perfectly with the pretzel bites, taking the whole experience to another level. In addition to the traditional offerings, Wats Knots has thoughtfully introduced a range of creative toppings that cater to contemporary tastes. From gooey cheese and savory bacon to tangy jalapenos and sweet honey mustard, each topping elevates the pretzel to new heights, making it an irresistible treat for all.

Made with Love and Care

What sets Wats Knots even further apart is their genuine dedication to bringing joy and satisfaction to their customers. The Watsons take pride in their handcrafted creations, ensuring that every pretzel and pretzel bite is made with love and care. Their commitment to personal service is evident through their willingness to deliver freshly made pretzel bites for special occasions like weddings or events. The absence of dairy in their pretzels is an added bonus for those with dietary restrictions or preferences, making it an inclusive choice for all taste buds. The use of clarified butter for dipping adds a delightful richness without compromising on flavor.

Customer Love and Continued Success

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the Wats Knots journey for Joy and Scott is the positive feedback and satisfaction from their ever-growing customer base. The warm compliments and repeat orders they receive act as validation for all the hard work they put into perfecting their pretzels. The joy of witnessing people savor every bite of their handcrafted pretzels fuels their passion to continue offering the best quality products. Word-of-mouth has played a significant role in spreading the popularity of Wats Knots, as delighted customers eagerly recommend the pretzels to their friends and family.

Wats Knot to like?

Wats Knots has undeniably reinvigorated the pretzel scene with their dedication to excellence and commitment to authentic, homemade goodness. The combination of fresh, baked pretzels, top-notch toppings, and handcrafted perfection has struck a chord with pretzel lovers far and wide. So, if you find yourself craving a delicious, aromatic pretzel or pretzel bite that will transport you to snack heaven, look no further than Wats Knots. Bite into the crispy goodness, indulge in the creative flavors, and become a part of their story as they continue to delight taste buds one pretzel at a time.

Video Timestamp

Topics Covered
1. Introduction and Background
- Introduction of Joy Watson and her husband, Scott
- Description of What's Knot's Pretzels
- Offered products: pretzels, pretzel bites, cinnamon twists, pretzel dogs
- Freshly made dough
- Baked from scratch using their own recipe
- Previous experience owning a pretzel store in the mall

2. Motivation to Start What's Knot's Pretzels
- Cost and family concerns with the previous store
- Lack of pretzel options in the area

3. Current Success and Popular Products
- Positive response to pretzels and pretzel bites
- Pretzel bites as the best-selling item

4. Production Process and Ingredients
- Fresh dough made for each event
- Measuring out the dough for different items
- Baking soda wash for browning
- Salting before baking
- Baking instead of frying
- No dairy in pretzels, except for butter (which is cleared of dairy)

5. Delivery Services and Special Events
- Catering for events like weddings
- Delivering ready-to-serve pretzel bites

6. Enjoyment and Rewards
- Joy's enjoyment of interacting with customers
- Satisfaction from providing a fresh and delicious product
- Excitement around a recipe created at home
- Positive word-of-mouth referrals and repeat customers

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