Taco House – VIP Deal

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Taco House – VIP Deal

Join our monthly VIP club and get 3 taco’s a month plus a bunch of extras.


Earn 200.00 Reward Points
/ month



Taco House has a deal for you. Join our monthly VIP club and get 3 taco’s a month plus a bunch of extras. Enjoy prepared food for pick up and exclusive offers when you join the VIP club.


Taco House

Welcome to Taco House, where Mexican flavors come alive! Step into a culinary journey filled with vibrant colors, delicious aromas, and tantalizing tastes. Our fake restaurant, Taco House, offers a unique dining experience that combines traditional Mexican recipes with a modern twist. Upon entering Taco House, you'll be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere, adorned with Mexican-inspired decor. The vibrant walls and intricate artwork transport you to the streets of Mexico, creating the perfect backdrop for your dining adventure. Our menu is a celebration of authentic Mexican cuisine, showcasing a wide variety of tantalizing tacos that cater to all taste buds. From classic favorites like carne asada and al pastor to creative fusions like Korean BBQ and Mediterranean-inspired options, there's a taco for everyone at Taco House. We take pride in using fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure each bite bursts with flavor and authenticity. But Taco House isn't just about tacos. Our menu also features a selection of mouthwatering appetizers, such as crispy tortilla chips served with homemade salsas and guacamole, and flavorful Mexican soups and salads. For those seeking a heartier meal, our entrees range from sizzling fajitas to enchiladas filled with savory fillings, all served with sides that complement the flavors. To complement your meal, we offer a diverse range of Mexican beverages, including refreshing horchata, tangy tamarind agua fresca, and a selection of tequilas and margaritas for those looking to unwind and indulge.

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